Who we are


Siderio is the expression of an artisanal heritage that has its roots in over 50 years of history. A family business now in its third generation whose know-how becomes the basis for a project with an eye towards the future. Steel is thus reinvented in furnishing accessories, the expression of a refined vision and an artisanal soul, oriented, today, towards innovation and sustainability. 



Simple lines and minimal geometries. Metal creations give new life to Industrial-style furnishings. A design that with its essentiality expresses a sober elegance capable of making every environment unique without saturating it. Form thus becomes an instrument of Thought, framing the space and elevating it into the image of those who will inhabit it.    



Steel, which has been alongside human beings and their work for centuries, now rediscovers an aesthetic and artistic soul. Strong and versatile, it takes shape at the service of a creative thought that reimagines it as an expressive and furnishing element. Enhanced by precious material finishes, it is able to best express its multifaceted nature, giving life to unique and exclusive products. Resistant and completely recyclable, steel is the ideal material for sustainable creations, designed to last. 


The Siderio method

Siderio reserves for the customer the same artisanal care that characterizes its creations. Whether it is standard products or tailor-made projects, the objective is to accompany the customer in the realization of his personal idea of the environment. Clear times and transparency ensure complete control over the entire process, from order to delivery. The company also offers a transport and installation service on request, to allow each customer to make their space unique with safety and simplicity. Attention to the customer does not end with the sale, thanks to the Siderio specialists who will remain available for any eventuality.   



Siderio's story is an artisan story made up of people, teamwork and passion. Family values are the solid roots from which the company has been able to grow generation after generation, relying over the years on the ability and talent of all those who have contributed to realizing all its objectives, day after day. Technique is not enough for creation: talent, ingenuity, heart and extraordinary people are needed!